Arms Legislation Bill

You can read COLFO's written submission here, and supplementary submission here.

The Government introduced the Arms Legislation Bill in September 2019.

Written and oral submissions on the Bill have now closed, and we expect the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee to report back to Parliament in February 2020.

The Committee released an interim report in December that made three key recommendations:

  1. Requiring a reasonable notice for inspection
  2. That temporary transfers (less than 30 days) would not need to be added to the register
  3. Small and non-exclusive parts not integral to a firearm would not need to be registered

COLFO supports these recommendations as they demonstrate that the Committee is hearing the widespread opposition to the Bill. However they do not go far enough and we continuing to fight to ensure that the Bill does not pass in its current form.

On 10 February 2020 the Select Committee released its final report on the Bill.

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We've broken the full COLFO submission into the various topics.

A summary of the top ten concerns about the Bill from firearms lawyer, Nicholas Taylor can be downloaded by clicking here.

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